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Email Privacy & Confidentiality Information

Email Privacy & Confidentiality Information

We aim to respond to your initial enquiry within 3 working days after getting your request. If you have not heard from us by then please contact us on 03444 111 444

Email Security

Internet email is a way of making a general enquiry but it is not a secure way of sending personal information. Citizens Advice makes every effort to ensure the security and integrity of emails on our system. Unfortunately no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result while we strive to protect your personal information after we receive it, Citizens Advice cannot ensure or guarantee the security of information when it is being transmitted.

Confidentiality/Data Protection and Giving Consent

Citizens Advice Wakefield District complies with the Data Protection Act and is a member of Citizens Advice which electronically processes the personal information. Citizens Advice will treat your personal information as confidential. Your personal details will not be given to anyone without your expressed permission to do so. We must ask for your consent to record, use or share personal information. What you are agreeing to if you give us consent you are saying that we can:

  • Record and use your personal information to help with your issue(s) and case.
  • Share your personal information with another organisation or another part of Citizens Advice so they can contact you for feedback. They will ask you about your experience of using a local Citizens Advice, which will help us improve our service and feed into our research.
  • We might also share information about your visit with a trusted research organisation to make sure we’re hearing form different groups of people. We only share what is absolutely necessary. If you are contacted and don’t want to be involved, you can say that and you don’t want to be contacted again.
  • Refer you to other advice providers and share your personal information with those providers so that they have initial information to help you further with your issue. Everything you told us will be treated confidentially by them. Sometimes we’ll refer you to another organisation for specialist advice. We can help you get an appointment and we’ll pass on the information you’ve already provided so you don’t need to do it again.

You can consent without using your real name, but we can’t advise you unless we create an unnamed record of your case, which we need for quality purposes. Other personal information might be recorded if you choose to give it to us. Choosing not to use your real name will not affect the level of service or advice you receive and we’ll never try and identify you if you’re a unnamed client.

Citizens Advice will return information to the email address of the sender only.

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